Over the years Arqdesign has managed to develop an extensive track record in all matters pertaining project development work; chiefly in the areas of Educational Insfrastructure, Domestic Dwellings, Public Buildings, Retail Premises, Hospital and Healthcare Buildings, Hotels, Prisons, Uniformed and Civil Police Premises, Gardens and Landscape Design Requirements and Internal Architecture Requirements plus Land Plots’ Mergings and Subdivisions.
To date we have been actively envolved in design projects, whose combined surface exceeds 770,000 square metres. This sound experience is further endorsed by our company’s proper registration as consultants with a variety of public sector entities. Indeed we have been awarded with a First Category Registration at both the Public Works and the Housing/Urban Development Ministries alike.

Energy Efficiency


Nowadays this subject is rated as with an “Utmost Importance” label when it comes to tackling a wide assorment of infrastructure projects. All this with a view to ensuring this subject becomes focused on the resources’ optimisation and efficiency and are duly inserted in all future building projects; chiefly via the control of sunlight, lighting, air conditioning and energy conservation factors alike.
It follows that all our projects are tackled bearing in mind the above factors while ensuring our designs are fully in line with them. On the other hand we provide also the third-party requirements for the project modelling and analytical work; customarily required by architectural companies.

Engineering Services


The Engineering Area is equally qualified and has secured a wealth of experience in all what is concerned with the implementation of building projects ranging from educational premisses to industrial use equivalents, domestic dwellings and retail malls plus apartment buildings and such like.

Power Supply Instalation


Our experience here has to do with the project formulation, its clearance with the relevant authorities and final commissioning work stages.

Sanitation Works


In common with the preceeding paragraph we are prepared to undertake the project formulation, its clearance or approval with the relevant authorities and its final commissioning work stages.

Soil Mechanic Requirements


The Arqdesign’s Engineering Team is also fully qualified when it comes to the formulation and undertaking of detailed surveys focused on Soil Mechanics.

Topography Works


When it comes to topograhy catering work , our company relies on the services provided by a team of suitably qualified staff using the relevant instrumentation kits.


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